We deliver intelligent, scalable infrastructure
that give our clients a competitive advantage

Networks and Wireless

With an ever increasing reliance on remote and mobile working, a robust, secure and flexible network architecture is critical to the success of modern businesses.

Business success and reliable operation of systems and organisations are increasingly dependent on instantly accessible information and data handling. Speed, security and reliability are the key elements of networked systems and Life Safety Services provide the expertise to allow us to offer our clients a network solution that meets and exceeds these key criteria.

We understand that any network installation, while meeting the key requirements, will need to accommodate our clients’ specific needs and we offer practical advice during our survey and quotation process to ensure this is taken into account. From single storey to multi-storey, multi-site installations, Life Safety Services provide a professional, customer focused service from survey to design to installation and maintenance.

Wireless Networking
Wireless networks take advantage of today’s ever faster connectivity and software/hardware developments.

Whether exclusively wireless, or in tandem with a wired network system and hardware, Life Safety Services provide solutions that enable your business to operate seamlessly and securely with uninterrupted service and power to communicate both near and far.

We deliver intelligent, scalable infrastructures that give our clients a competitive advantage through:
• Robust, Scalable Network Design
• Bandwidth Optimisation
• Network Integration
• Multi-vendor Installations

With our experience and expertise in combination with extensive testing and monitoring of any system we install, Life Safety Services’ networking solutions make your infrastructure a strategic business asset to improve business efficiency and increase security.

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